The Shop at Poston


Located in the Courtyard alongside Poston Mill Park and The Mill Restaurant, both shop and restaurant are open to the public. The Shop is open from March 1st to through to October 28th 2019. Normal days of opening: Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 8.30am to 11.30am.  When closed basic grocery items are available from Poston Mill Park Reception. Calor Gas is sold at Poston Mill Park reception.

Poston Mill Shop stocks:

  • Local bread
  • cakes and preserves
  • newspapers available daily from the shop or reception.
  • magazines
  • milk
  • Grocery boxes (email or phone through a list of items you would like ready for collection on arrival)
  • Breakfast packages: these can be delivered to your accommodation or picked up in the shop or reception. Please book 1 week prior to your arrival.
  • Order a Natural Bouquet as a thank you or gift
  • Take home souvenirs from Poston Mill



Breakfast Pack costs £20 and contains: 4 croissants; 4 baps; 6 free range eggs; 1 ltr semi skimmed milk; local bacon & sausage; 2 yoghurts; small loaf of brown or white; 1 jar of local marmalade; and a surprise item. (Items may be substituted for products of a similar quality if not available.)

Dog & Cat friendly items at poston Shop

Have you forgotten to bring that special toy or essential food for your dog or cat on holiday. Call in at Poston Shop and pick up those all important items. Or ring ahead and we will put a package together for you ready for your arrival.

Dog package Cat package